What’s there to celebrate?

Hello from a birthday girl.That’s right, It’s my birthday and I’m already 19 years old.

There’s nothing to celebrate :

  • My boy didn’t come to my birthday;
  • a man, with a wife and a child, likes me and annoys me with the texting and calling;
  • the boy, who is abroad and I feel something towards him, bought me my favourite present;
  • I’m drunk since yesterday;
  • I have to finish 2 articles – one in Georgian and the other in English;
  • I have to write 3 projects for SocialErasmus week in Georgia;
  • I have to study 7 subjects for midterms;
  • I’m in love!

I have so much to write about, but no time. I’ll tell you all about my 3 jobs and about previous one too. you won’t believe me how many things happened in these months.

So, wish me a happy birthday and I’ll be back in a week or so.


Too Complicated First Post

Beginning something is always hard, no matter if it is just new blog or new chapter of your life.

I’ve been thinking about this post for couple of days and finally I have an inspiration.

Firstly, I’m TV show maniac. For four years I have watched more TV shows than anyone can imagine. My inspiration is Sex and the City. I’m 18-year-old Georgian girl and it’s logical to be inspired by something that is shameful to talk about in your city. It’s funny that i’m smoking now (You’ll get this, if you have seen even one episode of Sex and the City).

My relationships are always too complicated. For 4 years of dating experience, in my opinion, no one was my “soulmate”. I mean if I liked a boy, he didn’t. If I was not serious in a relationship, he was and so on. But the hardest relationship that I have ever had is now, but I will talk about this in details in future posts, because there is too much to write about.

Many people tell me that I’m not typical Georgian girl, because of my mentality. To be honest, I like what they tell me. Who wouldn’t like to be called original?

I’m a future psychologist. I like to observe people and I think I’ll be best in my profession. Also, knowing half of the city and blogging for 4 years have helped me in getting to know how people’s minds work.

So, what can I say in the first post?

I like watching football, rock music, hanging out at home with friends and relaxing with a cup of coffee and a cigarette.

In conclusion, my life is full of stories that I can’t write about in Georgian. So, I think this blog will be interesting and successful.

Welcome guys! I’m excited to write for you.