Impossible Thing – Crying

I’m back and I’m in dark side.

Two days ago I was so wasted that I said something to my boyfriend that I can’t even remember.

He wouldn’t talk to me. I told him that I’m sorry hundreds time and explained my feelings towards him. I said that I loved him for the first time and I don’t feel ashamed of it. He needs to know how I feel now!

I can’t really say what I told him when I was drunk, because it is too embarrassing.

Now I am shaking, I think that is because I can’t cry, but I really feel like crying.

Shit! I really need him in my life and I can’t even think what it would be like if he stays mad.

Now I swear – I won’t drink and I won’t flirt with other boys. The thing that I thought was nothing became huge. These mistakes can’t be made again. I should be new me. I should do something to let him know that I only want him and IT was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

So, if you have any ideas how to make him believe me, please please please let me now. I really need more advise right now.

I think I will be back shortly.

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