Dream a Little Dream of Me

I’m a little vulnerable when it comes to my dreams. They usually come to life or just make me see things differently.

I remember a horrible dream from childhood. I was only 6 and saw how my father died by strange people with black hoodies. I remember how I felt when I woke up and searched for my father all over the house. Luckily, he was well and sleeping.

That’s funny, but I have been watching Supernatural for years and never liked Sam, until he was in my dream. Now I like him as a character in a TV show and I don’t regret my opinion. 😀

Today I dreamt about a boy, who is kinda my friend and it was weird seeing him as a sexy young man. I have never looked at him that way, especially now, when I’m in a relationship with someone else. I’m thinking about him since this morning and can’t forget my dream. And he isn’t even in Georgia.

I’m just blabbing now, but dreams tend to be important for me. As I wrote in the first paragraph, my views change when I see a dream. Maybe I thought about him secretly and blocked it in my mind and that’s why he was in my dreams.

I understand now where a little flirting can get us – in the weird dreams, where you are not with your boyfriend, but with another “friend”.

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