Last Year in My family

I think the roughest year of my life was 2013. I was getting ready for graduation from school, I had 3 tutors and each of them demanded the best of me. It was hard, because my life was really messed up. I had huge problems at home, because of parents’ divorce.

It wasn’t the splitting up that was hard for me, but the endless fights at home. The fights started in 2012, but divorce was final in January, 2013. My dad went to live with his mother and my brother and I stayed at home. This feelings were blocked from me for half year, but now I feel like I’m still stuck there in 2013 and watching my parents fighting again.

My dad is a great man. Despite the debts, he managed to feed us. We have a great relationship and I think half of the pain from divorce was, because my dad was really hurt and I couldn’t see him that way. Other than the divorce, he was fired from the jobs that he adored. So, it was awful year for us.

My mom… What can I say? I’m usually angry at her. We get along only because we are females and I like making jewelry, so her opinion is important for me. She just started working and I think we’ll get along from now.

I spend half a week in my dad’s house and the other half at mom’s. It’s hard moving from one house to another, but I love spending time with my father. He gets my opinions and respects them.

Whole 2013 was like – “What is your mother doing? Fuck her. Is she with her friends? Okay, so I’m going to stalk her”. Okay, that’s a joke, but believe me, it was harder than you could imagine. If they were talking on the phone, It wasn’t really a talk, It was like screaming and “you are a dick”, “no, you are a motherfucker”, “fuck you!” and so on. Getting in the middle wasn’t an option, because my brother and I couldn’t calm them down.

Now everything is improving. Both of my parents are working and living their lives with us.

Still, I’m concerned about my brother, he is only 16 and I know how previous year stressed him. He doesn’t really talk to us, even me, who can understand him completely.

2 thoughts on “Last Year in My family

  1. Absolutely loved your blog.

    My parents got divorced when I was just three, so couldn’t care less. But as I got older I was angry with everyone, and missed having normal family. You are very lucky to have such understanding dad, mine was never like that.

    Hope your brother gets over it and feels better.

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